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Price in INDIA different due to imposition of 10.50% duty on Silver

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Our offerings:

The below listed Nanostructured Materials are available in different packing sizes - small or big quantity

Prices are indicative and subject to change depending on international raw material prices without notice. Taxes and freight extra as applicable.

NO CREDIT will be given on precious materials under any circumstances whatsoever. Goods once sold will not be taken back. R&D at your own risk. We cannot take guarantee on your R&D failures or desired outcomes. Please send inquiry and place PO only if you agree to the terms listed on our website.

Powder mesh size and feel has no correlation with actual particle size as seen under electron microscope.

Silver (Ag) - In powder, particle or colloid form
  • Superfine Nano Silver Powder - 30-54 nm, >99.9% Ag
  • Superfine Silver Powder - 150 nm and above, >99.9% Ag

  • Silver Powder, purity ~99.9% Ag
    (Suited for filling silicone rubbers to impart electrical conductivity)

  • Silver Powder, purity ~99.9% Ag, -200 mesh
    (Suited for General purpose, Sintering and Brazing Applications)

  • Silberpulver, Reinheit ~99.9% Ag, -200 mesh
    (Geeignet f�r Universal-, Sinter-und Hartl�ten)

  • Pure Silver Powder - Flake Morphology (APS 1 micron)
    Application: For Conductive Inks

    Pricing (excluding taxes):
    50gm - USD 100/INR 6100
    100gm - USD 175/INR 11000
    Higher qty - Please email us

  • Pure Silver Granules (~99.9%) (in 1kg lots)
  • Pure Silver Cut Blocks (~99.9%)

Recycling & Recovery
  • We can recover pure silver from used AgC (Silver Graphite) sintered composite carbon blocks.

Silver Alloys
  • Silver Coated Aluminium Powders for Conductive Rubber application

Gold (Au)
  • Gold Powder, 99.99% Au

Nickel (Ni)
  • Atomised Nickel Powder, -325 mesh
  • Carbonyl Nickel Powder, -100 mesh
  • Conductive Nickel Powder, -200 mesh
  • Conductive Nickel Carbon Composite Powder

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